RDAI practices architecture, interior architecture and design.
Founded in 1972 by Rena Dumas, the award-winning practice is now led by Denis Montel and Julia Capp.
With nearly one hundred employees from 10 different nationalities, the agency — winner of the Equerre d'Argent, French best architecture prize in 2014 — is recognized worldwide. Experienced architects, interior architects, designers and technicians work together on around 70 international projects each year always responding to the specifics of places and cultures.
RDAI works on all scales, from entire buildings to interior environments and individual objects - with innovative support from technical experts, research and development, datamining and material specialists - treating a diverse selection of programmes including retail, hotel, residential, workplace, cultural, events and furniture design.
With its intuitive and conceptual approach, the objective of RDAI is to reach the very essence in every creation.

Artistic director and general manager
Denis Montel  

A graduate of the École d’Architecture Paris-La Défense, his first professional experiences were transdisciplinary. For ten years he collaborated with agencies specializing in architecture, interior architecture, landscape, scenography and strategic design.

In 1999 he joined Rena Dumas, directing major projects for RDAI.

In 2007 he co-founded RDAI-Architecture with Rena Dumas and Nicolas Karmochkine. After Rena’s disappearance in 2009 he became managing director and artistic director of the two agencies, RDAI and RDAI-Architecture.

Denis has taught at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and various architecture schools, and regularly takes part in international conferences.

Managing director
Julia Capp  

Julia graduated from the University of Queensland, Brisbane with a Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Design Studies and has an MBA from the Institut français de la mode, Paris. 

Julia spent four years working in London at McColls then Bruce Henderson, then six years based in Hong Kong — where she registered as a government-chartered architect in 1995 — and Shanghai, working for Peter Fung, Patrice Butler and Pearl Lam on hotel, club and residential property development projects. 

In 1998 Julia joined RDAI to coordinate the agency’s architectural projects, at a time when the agency was growing quickly, with projects worldwide. In 2006, she developed the furniture and object design department. In 2018, Julia became managing director.

Florence Esclangon  
Administrative and financial director
Véronique Duchesne  
Interior architect, Production director
Ségolène Casetta  
Human Resources Manager
Dominique Hébrard  
Interior architect, Associate artistic director
Alfonso Ponce-Alvarez  
Development Director
Architects and interior architects senior
Sybil Debu   
Architect, Project Director
Cécile Buhagiar   
Interior architect, Project Director
Nathalie Gonon   
Interior architect, Project Director
Mathieu Alfandary
Interior Architect , RDAI Architecture Asia Manager
Daniel Poehner   
Architect RIBA, Project Director
Marie-Eve Dubray   
Interior architect, Project Director
Technical department
Daniel Le Pan  
Interior architect, Technical department director
Materials library
Carole Petitjean  
Director of materials library and design department
Research and Development
Florian Tenent  
Interior architect, Director of Research and Development
Architects, interior architects, designers
Florence Adler
Emilie Alexandre
Joanna Andreassian
Charlotte Arnoux
Niels Barateig
Floriane Bernabeu
Stéphanie Bozza
Filippo Canni
Lola Chauvel
Rosine Clauss
Karen Crequer
Lucie Curmi
Jérome Delafosse
Elise Delestre
Adrien De Melo
Héloïse Duclair
Ines Dumont Saint Priest
Elisa Duvivier
Fabrizio Glorioso
Filippos Grigoriadis
Rudy Guallar
Ludovic Haehnsen
Mona Hariri
Xavier Hinsinger
Pierre Jousten
Anne Kerignard
Simon Laferrière
Benoît Lemarié
Léa Lesor
Clémence Marchal
Raffaële Manesse-Luquin
Brendan McAdam
Lucille Pernot
Jean-Baptiste Pilli
Jean-François Py
Natalia Salas
Jerry Schael
Barbara Stec
Yves Théaudière
Johan Thuillot
Stéphanie Toulemonde
Ekin Tunc
Sébastien Vadde
Barthélémi Zha
Yang Zhao
Kim Hoy
Delphine Leprêtre
Myriam Nicou
Finance and HR
Catherine Carlier
Jérôme Decker
Daniela Rusu
Press & Competitions
François Trédez
Public relations
Julie Bellanger
Technical department
Romain Buyer
Mathieu Lainez
Ewen Le Bis
Mathilde Lebrun
Frank Maury
Facility management
Alexandre Santamarina
Materials library
Florence Boulay-Neveu
Lucie Montauzé
Awards and exhibitions
Prix Versailles
Hermès Hong Kong Prince — Special Prize Exterior — Continental winners “Central Asia and the Northeast” “South Asia and the Pacific”
ADC Awards by Muuuz
Les Bains, Paris — Laureate in the category “Interior / Restaurants” 
Paris Shop & Design
Les Bains, Paris — Laureate in the category “Restaurant” 
Prix Versailles
Ganjam, Bangalore — Interiors, honorable mention in the category “Stores”
Prix Villegiature Awards
Les Bains, Paris — Named in the categories “Best hotel creativity and ingenuity in Europe”
Restaurant & Bar Design Award
Les Bains, Paris — Laureate in the category “Europe Restaurant”
European Hotel Design Awards
Les Bains, Paris — Laureate in the category “Interior design — Restaurants”
Prix de l'Equerre d'argent
La Cité des Métiers Hermès, Pantin — Laureate
Observeur du design
Chaise Sellier — Label Observeur du design
Paris Shop & Design
Hermès Rive Gauche, Paris — Laureate in the category “Equipement de la personne”
Wan Retail Awards
Hermès Rive Gauche, Paris — Laureate in the category “Greater than 200 sqm”
Observeur du design
Fauteuil cireur John Lobb — Label Observeur du design
Observeur du design
Pippa (folding stool) — Label Observeur du design
Art Basel 2018 — Galerie Philippe Gravier
“Le pavillon salle à manger”
AD Intérieurs, La Monnaie, Paris
“Le pavillon salle à manger”
D'DAYS, Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris
“Stairway to Infinity”
Wallpaper - Holy Handmade ! Salone del Mobile, Milan
“Treasure box”
Aedes Architecture Forum, Berlin
“Zoom: from Object to Architecture”
La Galerie d'Architecture, Paris
“Zoom: RDAI Architecture”
Mouvements Modernes, Paris
“Renas Dumas, Tapis Lumière”
Rena Dumas, 1937–2009

“At the start of each project there is a story to be told, a dream to pursue, one full of sensitivity and poetry. The successful project is the one that maintains the purity of this original vision, answering the dream from which it was born. All our projects are marked by the concern with how humans will live and evolve in these spaces. They are characterized by this passion and this attention to detail. Architecture is an event in itself. Architecture is to be lived and inhabited. It is a generous act. I understood very early the responsibility, I would say the greatness of the profession of architecture, which can give happiness or overwhelm. When I speak of happiness, it is the happiness that generates energy. This is a very important element in the art of creating and building.” Rena Dumas - 2007

Rena Dumas embodied the values of her chosen profession. She discovered architecture as a teenager, when her brother was studying in Athens, and she decided to follow the same path, concentrating on interior architecture.

Rena graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art in Paris, before continuing her education in Greece and the United States. New horizons opened to her on meeting the architect André Wogenscky in 1968. She took over the management of Robert Anxionnat’s Paris practice, carrying out numerous projects, including the Time Life’s Paris offices and boardroom.

In 1972 she opened her own studio, Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure. Among her first clients were the Marine Midland Bank and Urquijo Bank while the collaboration with Hermès, which continues today, began in 1976.

From 1983 until her death in 2009, Rena designed furniture and objects, exploring concepts of nomadism. Furniture that folded/unfolded enabled her to delve into the ideas behind structural articulations. With a vocabulary built on simplicity and the absence of embellishment, these pieces express the subtlety of touch. 


Establishment of Rena Dumas Architecture Intérieure by Rena Dumas

Beginning of the collaboration with Hermès

Move to new offices from 5 to 13 rue du Mail 75002 Paris

The change of premises allows the agency and all its departments to expand, including the material library

Inauguration of the Maison Hermès Ginza in Tokyo with Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Inauguration of the Maison Hermès Dosan Park in Seoul

Establishment of RDAI-Architecture

Partners: Rena Dumas, Denis Montel and Nicolas Karmochkine

Death of Rena Dumas

Denis Montel becomes Artistic Director of RDAI

Inauguration of Hermès Rive Gauche in Paris

Prix de l’Equerre d’argent

Cité des métiers Hermès — RDAI-Architecture, winner of the “Equerre d'argent” 2014           

Diversification of activities: hotels, condominiums in the USA, tower in Taipei, and more